Residence From An Ex-Resident

3 years at Glendon, 2 in res, 1 « commuting »

Commuting is probably not the best word for it. I squat in Lily’s room so often, the night porters are ready to sign me in before we’ve finished walking to their little office!

Regardless of how often I’m here though, I can’t really call myself a resident anymore and I have to say I miss it (despite how little time I actually spent in my own room).

It stopped looking this tidy after about a week

I’m an early riser and a late sleeper and so my proximity to my favourite spot on campus was super convenient. I’d wake up sometime between 6-8, take a short walk to the Breezeway and just chill in the quiet until people showed up. After classes and the closing of the caf, I could easily hang around either in the Breezeway or with friends in res until anywhere between 12-3 (or on a few occasions, all-nighters).

As a commuter, I still follow my same patterns, but now I need to spend 40 minutes on the bus as well. Going back to residence half asleep from the Breezeway is one thing, but taking a bus when I’m nodding off isn’t exactly my favourite (again thank you Lily for being a formidable host). Mornings are fine though.

In other words, I still confuse all the staff by being here before them!

Maybe it’s because I still haven’t properly developed my routine yet, but I miss the convenience and the familiarity of it all. Commuting isn’t actually as bad as I’m making it sound. Maybe I should make a list of all my commuter perks to remind myself that the Breezeway isn’t everything!


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