The Glendon Extrovert

What did you think of my book? How is your new program going? What are your favourite blogs to write? How do you deal with so many people as an introvert?

Chats with Sienna always seem to lead to in-depth discussions about even the mundane. However, more often than not, the mundane turns to the intricacies of human nature fairly quickly.

People are adaptable. They change to suit their environment or they move on… sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

How do you deal with so many people as an introvert? Aren’t you an extrovert?

It’s strange to think that I’ve managed to maintain such an illusion for 3 years already. It’s strange to think someone could think of me as anything but an introvert, and yet the fact remains.

In Glendon, I am a bit of a social butterfly. Everyone around me fascinates me and I make it known. If you catch my interest, I will probe you for your life story, I will drag you into the circle I’ve been amassing around me for the past few years and I will impose myself on you until my interest wanes. I guess from that perspective, I do seem like an extrovert.

I’m still not though. I still prefer late night hangouts with 1 friend at a time to the loud boisterous crowd I attract during the day. I still need to disappear into a bubble when confronted with my masterpiece once the constant buzz becomes too much.

If you told me this would be my life 4 years ago I would have laughed.

I can’t even talk to my mother’s co-workers and without hiding behind folded arms and staring at my shoes and you mean to tell me that I’ll push my boundaries and create this intricate network of people?

It’s actually a wonder what will try when you feel safe and how much energy you have when fueled by curiosity and then by a growing fondness for individuals.

I’m not an extrovert, but Glendon makes me act more extroverted. Maybe outgoing would be a better word, but that’s not what I get taken for.

I often laugh saying people wouldn’t recognise me off campus, but Glendon has helped me improve though. My shoes may have been a good discussion partner once upon a time, but I’ve learned that faces hold much more interesting secrets.


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