#ExploreGL: The Life Of A Breezeway Koala

It’s already been 2 years since I wrote about my favourite spots on campus. Out of the 3, one has become my unofficial bedroom according to my friends. Of course, last time I only spoke about the functionality of the space, which doesn’t really explain how the Breezeway became so intricately tied to my Glendon experience.

Caption reads: I always end up back in the Breezeway

A relevant fact about me: I love hanging out with my friends like I love black cherry ice cream.

In my old post, I mentioned how the Breezeway is a fantastic place to find people and hang out. That hasn’t changed at all.

In fact, off the top of my head, I could name 4 new friends I’ve made in the Breezeway in the past month.

Melissa: I met here because I kept making eye contact and eventually got up to let her know her eyes were stunning (As an artist I obsess over facial features on occasion). She also recognised me from Lily’s french comparison video.

Sanah and Sarah: I was speaking French to another Melissa across from these 2 franco strangers and they decided to join in the conversation. Sometimes you don’t even have to try to meet new people, they meet you!

Hala: I met this gem because Sanah decided to drag her from the caf to the Breezeway. Thank goodness she did because this girl is absolutely hilarious. 

Yes, this is Hala. No, those aren’t her glasses. Guess why I think she’s a riot.

Surely it isn’t only because you can meet people that you stay there all the time?

Quite right! At this point, my sense of comfort in the Breezeway is at it’s peak. When people find me, I’m usually laying down, boots off, bags next to me, food all around me and, on occasion, draped in a blanket. I’d basically need a fireplace to get any cozier.

It’s probably the place I feel the safest in the world.

Lily jokes that I’m part of the furniture in the Breezeway, and I can’t really disagree. Every year has had a variant on that joke and when I’m missing, it’s apparently because I’m sick or deceased.

Ou of all the jokes, my favourite joke is the most recent though:

According to Hala, I am the koala of the Breezeway. She’s spread it to Lily as well and now they both sing-song it when they remember.


Because according to her, all I do there is eat, nap and be generally cozy.




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