Let’s Do The Timewarp

I was going to write about school and life and stuff, but then I watched Rocky Horror. Or rather the remake with Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, Tim Curry… I still need to watch the original.

Once you get over the shock, feel free to keep reading

As someone new to the Rocky Horror experience, I thought this version was great. The makeup and the costumes were on point; the music was great fun; the characters were a riot.

I can’t compare it or anything, but I can definitely say that the film made me laugh and want to sing and dance along with the cast. I finished the movie well entertained, and slightly aroused by pretty much every character. All in all, would watch again. 

Now comes the tricky part. I want to see the original even more. Of course, being me, I don’t want just that. I want to go with people during one of the screenings in a theatre on Halloween.

In other words, anyone want to join me?



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