4 Things I Learned Staying With Friends

​Would it maybe be ok if I stayed over this week?

This sentence has been my nightmare and my blessing for the past 4 weeks. Were it not for the amazing group of froends I have, it would probably also be ineffective. However, as of next Monday I won’t have to use it as often; Margaret one of my Froshies from last year) has helped me find a room for rent that I can actually afford alongside tuition!

To celebrate the end of my month of vagabonding, here are a few things I learned:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

As someone who can be both proud and afraid to bother anyone simultaneously, this was a huge challenge. The entire possibility of my year functioning as I had planned depended on asking my friends for help on a weekly basis.

The worst that could happen was that someone couldn’t help me. The best reactions were basically them giving me a place to crash, hanging out and feeding me (and stressing me out by not letting me help with anything)

2. Friends are even more amazing than you think they are

By the end of my first week back on campus, I had a list of over 10 people who’d offered to let me stay over. I received a ton of support and even offers to feed me.

3. Your friends will learn very random things about you

  • I learned that a few of my friends had gotten the impression that I don’t eat fruits or vegetables at all.
  • Many of them learned that I don’t really sleep with a pillow (unless you look so sad about leaving me pillowless that I use it).
  • A few learned that I am very insistent on helping them with something, whether it be dishes or just putting a duvet in it’s cover. 
  • If you offer me your room when you aren’t there, I will sleep on the floor unless you tell me to do otherwise.

4. It’s better to plan where you sleep in advance

This isn’t just because of the common sense « give your host time to prepare, » but I also learned I feel even worse about asking friends for a room the more tired I am.

Little anecdote: Wednesday I was tired and had been chilling with Lily while she did her readings when she asks where I’m staying the night. Tired me answers that I don’t know because I hadn’t asked anyone yet (this is at like 9pm).

Being a kind person, she offers to let me sleep in her room instead of passing out on a couch in the Breezeway. What do I answer?

« Well, if you’re okay with it. I mean, I could find somewhere else if it’s a problem. I wouldn’t really care if I had to sleep in the Breezeway. »

I said more along those lines, but that was the main repetition. It wasn’t until she was about to go that I ended up accepting her offer.

In any case, as of next week, I’ll have my own permanent place to crash in Toronto! A new kind of adventure awaits in my life as a commuter and I can’t wait!


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