Beta Beginnings

September is here, the first days of school have finally arrived, and friends old and new are everywhere. I’m finally in Toronto seeing people, and absolutely loving it.

I find the beginning of the year a bit like a Beta period. You try out your courses, you swap them out if you don’t like them, you organise your schedule, you talk to tons of people, and you plan outings for the year. It’s when you make the first big choices of the year to give it a general shape and then it gets refined as the year goes on.

First year might seem like the only time where it’s really a Beta, but with new students, new courses, and new surprises, I find you get a new start every year (and even every new semester). Of course, I’m a bit of a perpetual first year who seems to end up with a lot of unexpected challenges to solve, so it could be just me. I’m pretty sure it isn’t though.

What’s nice is that there are a lot of ressources to help ensure that you can make the best decisions:

  • Can I take this course, or is it going to mess up my schedule or graduation? Academic Services! 
  • I don’t have OSAP for the year, what can I do? Financial Services!
  • I don’t really know anybody and I feel kinda lonely, what should I do? Go to clubs, meet the people in your classes, hang out in the Breezeway and ask to join people’s tables, come talk to me and I can introduce you to people… Also, don’t worry, Glendonites don’t bite 😉

I have an interesting year ahead of me and the Beta is just starting. What I have learned already though is that I will be seeing a lot of people this year!



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