The Commuter Life For Me?!

This has been a whirlwind of a week. I finished applying for my OSAP pretty late (last week) and saw a notification for additional documents that needed to be sent in related to the Academic Probation I was on last year. That’s when everything went downhill.

I emailed financial services to see what was up. I was mostly curious since I had fixed my Academic Probation with Glendon through the slightly stranger method of petitioning to drop a course from my first year, I thought being off probation with the school was all OSAP needed. Turns out, they need specific credit amounts and specific grade requirements to have it removed. I didn’t meet those requirements, so they upgraded my probation.

The nice people at Financial Services took the time to call me to explain the situation. I don’t get any loans or grants from OSAP until my situation improves.

I panicked.

I had 17000$ on my student account. I was signed up for a full course load. How could I possibly earn that much money?

I cried. I messaged my friends to freak out. I watched my Marie-Élaine dvd until I could breathe again. I looked at my options.

I knew I couldn’t make that much and maintain good grades. First course of action was to see how much money I would theoretically make during the school year and see how much each individual thing was  costing me.

I dropped a few non-essential courses. I still have time to reevaluate those that are second semester only. But that only brought the cost down to 14000$. What else could I save on?


I started calculating how much it would cost me to not live in residence and not to have to pay meal plan. I’d be down to 7000$.

That is a much more manageable number, but where would I live?

My schedule turned out to be only a few days straight. If I stayed with friends when I had class, I could bus to Toronto from home. After calculating,  bussing for the first semester would cost me at max 500-600$ per semester. I can do that.

I’ve officially cancelled my room in residence. It’s going to be a strange year.

It’s going to be a strange year, but I’m going to make it work. I never thought I’d join the ranks of commuters like this though.



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