Flashbacks To Jumpstart

Summer is at its final month. Only 4 more weeks separate me from my happy home at Glendon. Even fewer weeks are left for the 1st years going to Frosh, and less again for those participating in Jumpstart.

I’m going into my 3rd year and it’s strange; I feel like my Jumpstart and my Frosh week only just happened. I especially miss Jumpstart, because it was my first real experience as a student.

Because of my family’s schedule, I moved into residence 2 days early. The following day, more people started arriving and I spent my free time helping people move in and just being extremely enthusiastic about meeting everyone I’d been talking to. One of the more surprising benefits of this is that one of the families I helped gave me an English-Spanish dictionary as a thank you since they’d accidentally gotten 2 for their daughter.

That night, a fairly large group of us had also organised a meal at a random pizzeria on Yonge. Surprisingly, our biggest issue was a lack of foresight for bus fare, and so we ended up walking from campus to the pizzeria and back!

After a good night’s sleep full of pizza and excitement for what was to come, the initial registration/sign-in for Jumpstart officially began. Those of us who were living on campus were among the first to register and start chatting as everyone else slowly came in. I began spotting more and more people I’d been talking to and lots of excited greetings were had.

Once the classes started, I knew enough people that the ice breaker didn’t actually make me meet anyone new. I had to laugh at myself for making that happen somehow.

As the week continued, the classes helped give an insight as to what to expect in university. I ended up failing to apply what I learned, but that is a story from another day.

Despite my general enthusiasm, I did miss a few classes. On one occasion, I was so excited to meet Nada and Mehdi that, when they called to say they were on campus, I grabbed my things and pretty much ran out in the middle of a presentation! Of course, they were also the glendonites I’d talked to the most through Facebook and video calls during the previous months. I felt terrible for the presenter, but was ecstatic to finally see them in person. I actually was so enthused that I rendered myself mostly mute in their presence because I couldn’t believe they were actually there.

The other courses I ended up missing were those on the final day. Sadly, I needed to go home for a dentist appointment, so I missed the presentation I most wanted to attend – the Q&A with current students. Luckily, I got to be a part of it the following year, so I guess I didn’t completely miss out!

For anyone doing Jumpstart, I have this advice: do not be afraid to just walk up to someone and talk to them. If you want to plan something, there will always be someone to help you out and to go with you. It may be an academic orientation, but it’s also a time for you to get out of your shell, so enjoy yourself.



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