Work work work

Only 1 more week till I finally have tuition paid off and I can choose courses. Only 1 more month till Glendon. Work is covering most of that gap, as is at least 1 more trip to TO.
Summer is fine and dandy for other people, but I’m excited for the end. I’m tired; I want my friends and my room in res and my cozy spot in the Breezeway.

Only 1 more week until I finally finish paying my tuition. Once that payments through, I’ll be able to breeze through my course selection. I’ve had a list of possibilities written down since April. I’ll be one step closer.
I’m really tired. I started an 8 day work week today – by choice of course. The people and animals I work with are great. It’s tougher doing manual labour when heat makes you sleepy though. So is writing a blog post really; I nearly started writing this one in French because my sleepy mind has it on default.
I evidently haven’t had an exciting week, so here’s a picture of sheep being brought home in a car:



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