Expect The Unexpected Now

After a rather uneventful week, I found my dose of blogging inspiration in the #GL2020 group on Facebook today.

Names and faces hidden because this is the internet

I was reminded of when I started my first year. I was so excited, I did everything I could to make my life different than it had been before. I started messaging people, getting to know them, helping them out with questions because I had the time and Internet to give them the answers they needed. I made myself a small manual (that I never actually used) filled with every important deadline and every tip I could find on the eAmbassador blogs (looking at you JuanFrancetteKiera, and Bryan). I finally started my blog -I’d wanted to for years- so I could apply to join my beloved #TeamOctothorpe. I could not stop talking about Glendon.

I’m going into my 3rd year now, and I’m still as excited to get back to Glendon – to get back home. Every year brings something different. I’ve already grown so much in the past 2 years.

My first night in residence. I didn’t yet know how much my life would change.

Going into 1st year, I was in International Studies. I thought that would be a great major for me. It didn’t scratch the itch I thought it would. I wasn’t as motivated for classes, but I loved the people around me. I threw myself at everything; club events, GCSU, Breezeway at 1 am? I was there. I did everything I couldn’t do before. I got a tattoo when, just over a year prior, I barely got my ears pierced because I was terrified. I broke out of my shell and didn’t turn back. Everything was beyond what I had hoped.

D-Froshing brought a whole other whirlwind of changes

In 2nd year, I was on academic probation. I had to get my act together. Essays actually got handed in and some semblance of balance was seen between academics and socialising. I switched into Sociology. Again, I was not satisfied. I tried to go further in the GCSU, but that was not what life had planned this year. I D-Froshed and loved it. I loved the D-Frosh I worked with, and I especially loved my Froshies. My core friend group shifted and I was exposed to a whole new dynamic and wealth of knowledge. I had a friend support me as I fell apart when past emotions resurfaced. I was convinced to go dancing when I was the one who refused to so much as step on a dance floor. I was on Radio-Canada and was part of a student panel during a francophone conference. I gathered experiences I will cherish forever.

Now I wait

I’m going into 3rd year now. I’m switching to an Individualised Studies Major. I don’t know what to expect. Soon it will be time to start the next grand adventure and I think I’m ready. I can’t wait for life to prove me wrong.



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