It’s a Whole New World We Live In (PoGo)

Everybody wants to be a master. Everybody wants to show their skill. With the release of Pokemon Go just over a week ago, a huge amount of people have been heading out into the world to start their journey to be the very best like no one ever was.

Sadly, the game isn’t yet officially released in Canada, although people have found ways around these restrictions. I’m among the few patiently waiting for the official Canadian app even though no repercussions seem to have been faced by eager trainers yet. To keep myself occupied in the meantime, I’ve been following the PoGo related threads in the /r/Pokemon subreddit as well as the /r/pokemongo, /r/pokemongocanada and /r/pokemongotoronto subreddits.

Stories of new friendships and conflicts abound as well as tips for new trainers. Some of the best stories I’ve read include people using the app to get into shape and people with social anxieties and similar struggles using it to meet new people.

I’ve also read stories of universities, small businesses and police adapting to the game. Universities and police have been mainly using it to connect with the community and finding new ways of keeping people safe. Pokestop in a sketchy location? We should send more patrols there to ensure everyone is staying safe while having a good time. Businesses are using the game to draw in traffic as well as offering discounts to budding trainers.

What’s more or less surprising, depending on how big you thought the pokemon hype was, it’s amazing to think all of this has been accomplished in just over a week.

With new features to be added in the future, such as trading and trainer battling (I think), the game looks like it’ll keep the hype going.

I’d personally like to see contests implemented, maybe with the addition of the Hoenn pokemon. The anime made it look so pretty and in the games, it made for a nice break from all the gyms. What are you hoping they add as a feature of the game?



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