Summer Sun, Something’s Begun

27° today. 31° expected tomorrow. Looks like summer is starting to rear it’s ugly head.

I’m good at dealing with cold weather, but I’m as good at dealing with the heat as a snowman. Leave me a few minutes and you’ll find me dripping.

Given this and the fact that I’ve started working in a stable this month, I received an important reminder: « Don’t forget to stay hydrated. »

Nothing bad happened to me, it was just a message to my dad and I from his wife. It’s a small, but crucial reminder. More than once I felt my head get a little tight from the heat. Wetting my face and taking a swig of water got me back up to feeling 100%. A sweaty 100%, but 100% regardless.

Some people might laugh at 27°, saying it’s nothing. Never underestimate the heat. It’ll sneak up on you. Better to lose 2 minutes hydrating than ending up with heat stroke.

The average person needs 8 glasses (around 2L) of water a day. Best to keep up with it this time of year!



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