So today’s going just swell. I got more boxes packed and then my laptop decided to stop working.

Thank goodness I have a techie for a mother. The joke about technologically impaired parents is not one that applies to her and I couldn’t be more grateful about it.

Any time I’ve had an issue with technology, be it getting a virus by looking up how to make an origami rose or the sudden issue with saving all of my pictures from the netbook I doomed with that virus, she always finds a solution. Needless to say, she’s also skilled at making websites, learning how to use new programs and rebuilding computers she’s torn apart.

Given the choice between my muddling through a repair (I still don’t understand what RAM is) and her ability to actually understand what went wrong and explain it to me in a way that makes sense, I think it the choice is quite clear.

As I sit here and wait for my mum to come home and be the knight in shining armour that my laptop needs, I couldn’t feel more grateful or lucky that I have her in my life. It’s not the only thing I’m grateful to her for, but it’s definitely high up in the list.

Je t’aime maman 💙


Update: A visual of why she handles my tech problems

Update 2: My mother has informed me that my motherboard is fried. Luckily, all my files (mainly photos and music) can be saved.

Update 3: I’m probably going to need to invest in a new laptop. In the meantime, my files have been saved. Since my mother has the same model laptop as me, she just put my hard drive in her laptop and let me use her external to save everything to.

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