Simple Summer Start

Not much happened to me this week, and yet it’s as if it passed in the blink of an eye. If the rest of the summer continues like this, I won’t see it go by at all!

Last weekend, I started working as a stable hand (this time with an actual pay instead of just being part of my chores). So far the job is pretty much everything I’ve grown up doing, although I’m not allowed to handle the stallions since I have no prior experience with them. I’m working again this weekend which’ll be fun. I like working on something where I can clearly see and feel the effects of my effort. Even if most of it needs to be redone on a daily basis, a clean stall and full water buckets seem a lot more satisfying than counting how many people walk into a building every day.

Cleaning the paddocks is a bit new though

Other than work, I’ve started packing my room for the move June 1st! The date is slowly creeping closer, and is now just over 2 weeks away. So far I’ve managed to get distracted by all the little memories I have hidden in my room, like the little empty packet of hot sauce that says « it only gets hotter from here » my friend gave me in grade 11 as a joke on my dislike of the summer heat.

And you thought I was joking

I’m not only working though, I get to see Riverdance in Toronto next weekend, I have a small stack of books to read (sadly lacking in French) and a stack of creative project ideas slowly forming as well. I was also considering being active on Post Crossing again as well since I miss having surprises in the mail every once in a while!

I had a postal phase in grade 11

This week, I spent mainly reading articles by James Altucher, and I highly recommend checking out his blog. His perspective on life is pretty unique and I’m hoping to try out a few of his ideas. Well, maybe not the one where he only lives off of things he can fit in a single backpack…

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