Summertime Surprises

Unpopular opinion time: For as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked summer.
For most people my age, summer is the return of bright sunshiny days and a break from academics and essays. For me, summer has been this stagnant period of waiting – waiting to see friends, waiting for school to start over, waiting for a reply from one of the jobs I applied to. While others make plans, I try to figure out what else I could do that I haven’t already done.

Of course, the point of this post wasn’t to complain about summer but rather, to express my excitement about this summer. Although I’m back in the countryside waiting as always, I also have the excitement of moving into a new home in just over a month. Not only that, but the home my mum is moving us into is my grandparents’ old farm.

Taken from its listing online

So you’re excited to move from one farm to another? What’s the difference?

It might seem kind of strange said like that, but there is a big difference. As a child, that property was one of my many playgrounds. I searched for fairies in the flowers, learned to ride a bike down the driveway, wondered how there could be stars in the walls of the barn, saw the campsite in the woods get built, and fed the fish in the pond straight out of my hand.


The child in me is jumping around with glee at going back and the more mature part of me is getting all nostalgic at my old adventures while looking forward to the new ones.

I may be looking at it through rose tinted goggles, but something there always brought out my imagination and my creative passion. I’ll probably sound strange saying this, but that property is alive. It harbours all the hard work and passion of everyone who’s lived there; it holds all the hopes and dreams of generations. You walk onto that property and you expect to see the ghosts of past owners; you expect to see fairies flitting about the garden with humming birds; you expect to see the shadows of naiads dancing beneath the water of the ponds.

Try not thinking of pixies playing in these vines now that I've mentioned it

I may be looking at my old and new home with rose coloured goggles and I may have tales of fantastic beings too ingrained in my heart but, what I know for a fact is this: I won’t be bored.

3 réflexions sur “Summertime Surprises

  1. aishakoca

    Love this post Nadia! Childhood homes are definitely alive through the families that lived there and memories made. ALSO feeding fish straight out of your hand is like coolness level ten thousand.

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  2. Sasha

    I’m so happy this place is staying in the family.
    It really does hold many memories and adventures we had while there.

    I imagine one of us will inherit it someday.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. deb

    You’ve brought quite a bit of joy to your father right now Nad, thanks so much for confirming that this wonderful, magickal place is really alive and how much it means to you and how much it has definitely influenced you in this lifetime. He’s never really realized it until now. FYI Sasha, this farm is your first home.

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