25 Things I Didn’t Expect To Happen In University

Coming to Glendon, like everyone, I had my expectations of how the year would go. I even created myself a mini guide to prepare myself for what I anticipated during the year. In no particular order, here is a list of a few things I didn’t expect to happen this year:

1. I became so involved in events, people recognised me as the person who goes to every event

2. I have a usual spot (the Breezeway)
Breezeway3. People notice if I’m not in my usual spot

4. I am part of the GCSU

Council bonding
Council bonding

5. I have somehow become more outgoing

6. I got a tattoo AND I showed it to the person who inspired it

Still screaming
Still screaming

7. I don’t need to ask for help when using public transit (even when I change cities)

8. I got used to the Big city buzz

9. People managed to get me to dance (by teaching me kind of)

10. I cut my own hair. Twice.

11. I’ve found people who are more than willing to have me drown them in French music

12. I made my first solo trip to Montréal to see my idol in concert again

13. I got a shoutout from my idol on Facebook because of it

14. I’m far more open than I ever was before

15. I played volleyball for the first time since grade 8 and didn’t die (Asha, Bryan and Myron went too)

16. Wanting to do school cheers in public

17. I became addicted to Timbits

18. I helped out with the planning of an event March 19th for Les Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie that is happening at Glendon, 13 other universities and 3 colleges

19. Upper year students are not as intimidating as I thought they would be

I love you D-Frosh Oh yes I do...
And these were the first I got the chance to meet ❤

20. I can’t actually stay up late and wake up early on a consistent basis. I need to sleep at some point.

21. Keele isn’t actually as scary as it seems

22. I’ve only gotten lost in Toronto once
I regret

23. I have more opinions than I thought

24. I ran out of meal plan mid-January and still haven’t gone a day without eating 2 months later

25. I haven’t opened that little guide book since I made it

What are/were your expectations coming into university?



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