2 Reasons to Start Projects Early

Reading week has just begun, my focus is all over the place. I have a book review due next monday, an essay due the week after, a presentation and an essay due in about a month and all I can think about is the concert I’m going to see next Saturday. I’ve already started on my work, but it almost feels like time is dragging by. I wrote a sentence that felt like it took hours, but no, it’s only been 5 minutes. I can’t say assignments are my favourite part of university, but my life isn’t all midnight adventures and self-reflection, that would be silly.

Let's get down to business
Let’s get down to business

On one hand, I enjoy the challenge of creating a thesis, finding my information and debating why it’s true. On the other hand, it’s such an effort to work up my energy to get started and even now I’ve noticed things that could have been so much easier had I started earlier:

1) A better plan

I’d have a much better idea of where I was going with my projects since I would have made or thought of connections my topic had to the lectures. I might not had a crystal clear plan, but I also wouldn’t have to review ALL of my class notes and separate the relevant ones from the rest.

Me after writing a paper
Me after writing a paper

2) Less stress

This past week, the Residence Life Team had a ton of activities centered on self-care which is super important when you’re in university. As weird as it may sound, I personally think starting projects earlier is part of self-care. « But the projects stress me out! » you might be saying, but how I see it is, you have to do the project no matter what. If you have to do the project, which is less stressful, havin months to review it, edit it, add to it, etc. OR having 3 projects all due in the same week, none of which are started and you only have 4 days left before the first one is due.

Just thinking about it stresses me

I could probably write more reasons to start projects earlier, but I’d actually be using them as reasons to procrastinate the work I have to do now. If I finish these projects today, that leaves me the rest of this week to fangirl over Marie-Élaine’s concert next Saturday. I mean, she has been my hero since I was 6 for Pete’s sake! Talk about an incentive!

Actually me
Actually me


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