Student Election Reflexion


I mentionned in a previous blog, the GCSU Fall elections took place this month and that I planned to take part in them. Well, yesterday marked the end of the elections and the results were announced. I am now officially a part of the GCSU coucil and I am so excited to get started. In high school, I had never wanted to be part of student government I did now, so campaigning was a completely new process to me. I think it goes without saying, I learned a lot.

1. Platform

Platform, not the game

One of the first questions I was asked in the campaigning period was: « what’s your platform? » Since I’d never campaigned before and people campaigning for student council in my high school never mentionned a platform, I was pretty confused. It turns out, I did have an idea of a platform, I just didn’t know it. As it turns out, a platform is what you plan to work towards if you become part of council. It took a bit of time and assistance, but I ended up finding a solid 4 points for my platform.

2. Speech

This was the part of campaigning I thought would be easiest. Introduce yourself to the students, say why you want to be a part of council and say what you want to do. Simple.

A bit more complicated than just this

Of course, by the time I started writing my speech, I was stressed. Itneeded to be written and filmed before they were presented and I had less than 24h from the time I started writing. With stress, constant running around, and progressive lack of sleep, I didn’t finish writing it until 4am (with help). Needless to say, waking up at 7am the next day to film it was a bit rough.

Once the speech had been filmed and approved, all my stress disappeared… or so I thought. I have never been the best public speaker and the last real speech I had made was in 8th grade. The moment I stepped on stage all the stress finally came back. I’d love to say that I got over my fear and aced my speech, but that would be a lie. I almost completely forgot the beginning of my speech and struggled to get the words out. On the bright side, I got better as it progressed and I got progressively more comfortable delivering it.

After campaigning ended and the voting period began, there was very little left for me to do other than reminding people that it was the voting period. One week of crossing my fingers and it looks like all the stressing and hard work paid off. Of course, I had a wonderful team of people behind me to help me through campaigning . All that’s left now is to get started in the GCSU and to stop wanting to jump on everyone to let them know the news!

Literally me



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