Top 3 Campus Locations


The past few weeks have been a non-stop ball of activities for me as I showed you in my previous blog. Between class, GCSU events or going out with friends, it’s a wonder that I have any free time to work or relax, yet I do. Of course, with all the wonderful study/social spaces on campus, staying in my room is out of the question. Among my favourites are the following:

1. The Breezeway

Location: 1st floor of B wing

Easily my favourite spot on campus. The Breezeway is filled with tables, computers, games and a welcoming ambience. It’s the perfect spot to see lots of people as they come to relax between classes, finish they’re work or just find people to talk to. At the entrance connected to A wing, it’s also possible to find the GCSU office as well as Richard’s Room.

Asha, one of the councillors

During the offices open hours, it’s always possible to talk to the super friendly council members. As for Richard’s Room, it’s a small student lounge/club meeting room with extremely comfortable couches.

2. The Lunik

Location: Manor basement

Glendon’s own student run co-op café. The Lunik offers a variety of vegan/gluten free options of snacks as well as pay what you can tea or coffee. It’s also possible to volunteer for them and earn points towards their diverse selection of treats.
As if that wasn’t enough, the Lunik is also host to a plethora of events from Café Chantant to Snakes and Lattes.

3. Quad

Location: Everywhere outside
Location: Everywhere outside

My final favourite spot on campus is the quad. Of course, that leaves to wonder which I’m referring to. There is the mini-quad situated between the Breezeway and the Cafeteria, the big quad behind Hilliard residence and the more hidden quad next to C wing. The last of the 3 is my favourite spot when I need some quiet from the constant buzz of indoors without hiding away in my room. As someone who grew up in the countryside, having access to this quiet space of greenery to re-center myself has been amazing.



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