Big City Exploration


Today marks the beginning of my 5th week on campus. It’s crazy how those first few weeks flew by! The thing is, I’ve been in Toronto for 4 weeks, and haven’t actually gone out all that much. Since I did want to explore a bit this year (before everyone starts complaining about the weather), I decided to drag Samantha along with me. It was my first time going downtown without a large group of people and it was a Friday night. Not really the best planning on my part, but planning outings was never really my forte.

Gettting downtown proved to be quite easy since Samantha knew which subway stop led where and had a general idea of the different areas downtown. Our plan once we got there was to explore a bit and find somewhere to eat supper. Of course, our progress was significantly slowed when I proceeded to become a tourist and stopped every 10 minutes to take pictures.

I regret
I regret nothing

After wandering for an hour or so, we finally decided to eat at Le Marché restaurant which had a really nice concept. When you enter, they give you a plastic card and everything is set up like a supermarket. You can pass between the stations and ask the people working for what you want, you give them your card (so they can add the costs) they prepare it for you and most, if not all, seems to be fresh products as well.


I ended up taking a plate of ravioli and Samantha had bowtie pasta with chicken. They had a much wider selection, but sadly, it seems steak will never be friendly to a student budget. Just going there for the pasta and the ambience made the whole trip worth it though. You don’t realise how much you miss really fresh food until you have it again. We also spent a great deal of time laughing at the restaurant’s mascot. A green cow.


Although the prices for supper weren’t too high, we deemed dessert a bit too expensive and decided to go looking for ice cream elsewhere. We wandered around for about an hour and ended up at the ACC, but were out of luck in terms of finding dessert. It’s at this point that we started to consider going back to Glendon. Little did we know, the subway had closed at 00:45. Cue stares of horror as we realise that our easy ride home is no longer running (it was around 1:40 by this point). We began wandering a bit more trying to figure out what to do, we were tired and had given up on finding dessert.

The CN tower still looked nice
The CN tower still looked nice

It’s also at this point that I actually became useful for finding our way home. I have never been good with directions, but with the help of Google maps, I was able to figure out which bus to take and where to take it from. Needless to say, we were happy to see the familiar Glendon gates again and be back home. Lesson learned, no more midnight excursions downtown.



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