JumpStart and Frosh


So today marks the first official day of classes. The past 2 weeks of academic and social orientations (JumpStart and Frosh week) have been absolutely amazing. I’ve met so many great people from all over the world and let loose in a way I hadn’t really done before. The events and programs I participated in were just great and all the people coordinating the weeks just made it all worth it so much more.

During Jumpstart, we were only a small portion of incoming students. The size and nature of the activities made us all feel like a little family. Most nights after presentations we would just stay up until 1-2am and just talk, listen to music, eat and just have fun all around. As for the courses we did, the information honestly seems so helpful at the moment, I feel so much more ready to start my classes this afternoon (even if we won’t be doing too much).

I’d say this would sum it up well

After JumpStart of course came Frosh week. The simplest way to describe it is amazing, but I think I’ll elaborate a bit. At the beginning of the week, everyone started moving in and came to pick up their Frosh kits. Each kit had a different colour which would coordinate with the team you would be a part of. I got in line bright and early (although I wasn’t the earliest) and was placed into the blue team. Anyone who knows me knows that blue is my favourite colour, so that was already a majorly great start.The kits were full of awesome things, I actually made my friend jealous telling her about our frosh kits. Among the top items in there were the sweat pants, and the snapback. For someone who generally doesn’t wear hats, I have to admit I wore it almost every day and the sweatpants are literally the comfiest things ever. During the move-in hours though, we could just chill and do whatever if we had our kit and were set for the rest of the day. I of course took the time to run up to random people and say hi, meet a few of my D-Frosh and scream and high-five them.

Frosh Kit
Frosh Kit

Once all the initial move in and giving out of the frosh kits was done, we had a major pep rally where the D-Frosh actually couldn’t get in on time to start because all the Frosh were just partying in the cafeteria. Of course, once the pep rally started, it just felt like an even bigger party and we got to see who our teams D-Frosh were as well as a few speeches by some faculty members. When everyone was good and pumped (or more than they already were), we split off into our teams. This is when we really got to know who else was in our team and meet our D-Frosh more officially then just walking down the halls. 

But this better shows my teams energy
But this better shows my team’s energy

Tuesday was the Discover Glendon orientation day, the GLGBT* reception and a clubs day which went by very well. I was able to see some of my professors and hear what some of my courses would be about and learn about my program a bit more which I loved. I also met my peer mentor from the Lion’s Den and she seems super sweet and easy to talk to. As for the reception, it was great seeing part of the community at Glendon,a lot of people didn’t end up making it though (people I knew were going to go). After a few encouraging speeches, we had a bizarre but fun little ice-breaker with our shoes. It was hilarious seeing everyone wandering around with a random shoe trying to find who it belonged to and I felt so bad for the person who’s shoe was just left on the ground with no one to pick it up. Lastly, obviously, for clubs I signed up for too many to remember and got more pins to add to my lion (not to mention the LGBT* flag/fan he now holds).

Of course, Monday and Tuesday were nothing compared to the fun of Wednesday. This was by far one of my favourite days with the downtown scavenger hunt and the graffiti night. For the scavenger hunt, we did a ton of crazy things with our teams ranging from pictures in specific areas to inflating a condom with your nose. The energy my team had for all the activities while still keeping it chill and fun was great. Instead of racing from location to location, we just wandered, chilled, talked to pigeons, and had a blast! It’s at this point especially that I realised just how much I love my D-Frosh and my team. It’s also at this point that I started actually talking to the D-Frosh without actually thinking that they were in higher grades than us.

Look at all the awesome people!
Look at all the awesome people!

At the graffiti night, although I’m not one for dancing, I spent a lot of my time running around the dance floor. It’s strange going from a small cicle of friends in high school to having 1 in every few people recognise you because of Facebook or because you’re so energetic or just because you say hi to everyone. It’s a strange feeling, but it is a wonderful one. It just sinks in so much more that Glendon is home for me now. Throughout the night I signed A TON of shirts of both frosh and D-Frosh alike and at the end of the night, I had over 100 signatures on my own shirt. What made me even happier was seeing the messages people had written the next day.

Look at how full it is!
Look at how full it is!

IMG_0764 IMG_0763


The next day I admit I skipped a few events to get my energy back up, but I did participate in Fun dans le Soleil. It was just a ton of pick-up sports, so I played with water balloons and frisbees during the day. When my friends decided to play ultimate frisbee though, they learned 2 things:

  • I don’t do sports 
  • I can be a dangerous player because I can’t stop very well

Friday was our trip to Wasaga beach, but sadly the storm seemed to be coming so we left early, giving most of us extra time to relax before the Miscellaneous Mixer. Although there was a lot to do at that, I spent the entirety in the Lunik for the café chantant and despite difficulties with the microphone, myself and a few others got to sing solo and then we all improvised into a group singing of songs like « I’ll Make A Man Out Of You » and « Bohemian Rhapsody ».



Saturday, I once again skipped activities due to it being a football game (sorry football fans). Instead, I just chilled around campus, took care of a few chores and met up later in the day with people I hadn’t seen since JumpStart. In any case, that night was Casino Night (dress to impress) and everyone definitely did meet their dress standards. In the room there were a ton of stations to try out different casino games like roulette, races, blackjack, etc. On my part, I personally didn’t play any, but I still got noticed and got a lot of compliments (still felt uncomfortable being in a dress). I also got to see on of my D-Frosh who had been missing a couple days due to a foot injury. Being the trooper she is, she came anyway! All in all, a fun night.


Untitled Untitled2


Finally, yesterday was the last day of Frosh Week. I was sad to see it end, but it was honestly an amazing time. I can’t say we didn’t end on a great note though. We went to Canada’s Wonderland. That basically sums it up, but if it isn’t enough of a description, I went on all of 2 rides and had 1 1/2 funnel cakes. The half is because my friend bought a red velvet nutella one and gave me the half that was left over which I shared with anyone who seemed to want to try it. At the closing ceremony, we learned that the teal team won the scavenger hunt, but no matter what, blue team is still the best. I cannot stress enough how amazing they made everything. Our D-Frosh were the absolute best and no one will convince me otherwise and I really hope I’ll see them often enough throughout the year! So now off to a day of classes, a barbecue and a movie night!

I love you D-Frosh Oh yes I do...
I love you D-Frosh, oh yes I do…



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