First Impressions

Hey everyone!

It’s been a month since summer has begun and really, it’s gone as I expected it to. Distance and lack of public transit makes it difficult to see anyone, so my first outing with my friends from high school will be Friday! It’s strange to think of high school as something that has passed already, it was a crazy 4 years and my friends definitely made it memorable!

I specify high school, because lately I’ve been speaking to a lot of students with whom I’ll be going to university. Compared to other university groups, we are all super active, and into helping and getting to know each other (so we’re basically a bunch of Hufflepuffs). We’ve even organised a meetup earlier this summer and another that is soon to come. We’re having a bit of trouble deciding a date, but really, who’s going to be nit-picky on a tiny detail like that when surrounded by such a cheerful group of people? Looking back on my last semester of high school, it’s surprising we didn’t meet earlier with how much we were all chatting.

Glendon Jungle
Our group chat that is simultaneously calm and crazy

Since December, I’ve had the pleasure to be accepted to my top (and only) choice of university: Glendon College! Yes, you read that right, college. The name comes from the fact that it’s one of the 9 (if I’m not mistaken) colleges of York University. What’s special about Glendon though is that it has its own beautiful campus and it’s bilingual. So not only do I get to keep my green surrounding happiness, but I get to keep mon chère français aussi!

Glendon Campus
Just look at that gorgeous greenery

Glendon is a smaller campus, meaning the atmosphere compared to other universities is totally different. From my few visits to the campus, the only words I could use to describe the atmosphere, among others, are: friendly, vibrant, happy and home. It honestly already makes me so happy to think that I’ll get to spend the next few years here to get an iBA degree in International Studies. Seriously, how awesome does that sound as a program? I get to study all the factors that make up the international world, geography, law, politics, culture. For someone as obsessed with what exists beyond Canada as I am, the feeling is incredible.

On the subject of the international world, lets just talk about how diverse students are for such a small campus. I’ve made friends with people from Morocco, Barbados, Senegal, Mauritius, France, Britain and the list just keeps stretching. Again, with my international obsession, I see amazing people that I have so much to learn from as well.

I’m really active on our Facebook group and actually do get asked if I’m an upper year student often enough  because I answer so many questions, because I’m so friendly, because I try to take more of a leadership role, etc. Honestly, with all the time I have, I wish I could do more! All these people already make me so happy and proud that I’ll be able to call Glendon my home in less than a month. I almost sound like someone from the promotional department with how much I say complimentary things about Glendon, and I could keep going, but really I’ve just fallen in love with my university and plan to make the most of it.



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  1. keshaa

    Haha nice post ! I was reading the intro on my tumblr and I was like « hey that sounds a lot like something Nadia would say !  » .. and then I saw your name, and it was confirmed haha . Anyways, cool blog post, I’ll be expecting more 😀

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